Mighty oaks from little acorns

Well, we haven’t actually planted any acorns, but our themes for the first half of this term included lots of planting and growing: our trip to Hollow Trees Farm in May was great fun as always

and we followed that with Jack and the Beanstalk…..

…mini gardens (complete with gnomes!)…

and planting cress seeds, sunflowers and potatoes

Our malleable activities this term have included cooking, pasta threading – and gloop!

And we have really focused on turn-taking and independent group activities to prepare our older children for moving up to school

In June, we have – of course – celebrated Father’s Day; we hope all the Daddies enjoyed drinking from the special mugs Donna helped the children make. For the rest of this term we will be helping the children make choices, resolve issues and ‘problem solve’ independently in preparation for school. We will be encouraging them to be good role models for our younger Ladybirds – not that they need much encouragement – they are brilliant! Our theme for the week starting 24th June is Birds – and the sound of the week is “o”.

Happy Easter holidays

Our final week of Spring term and we’ve been making nests and Easter cards – lots of fine motor skill work.

Then on Thursday we had an Easter Egg hunt at Royston woods where we searched for our painted eggs – and chocolate ones, of course! Thanks to all our grown up helpers who came along.

On our final day at Ladybirds, we had a very special visitor. Rev Armstrong came along to read the first Easter story and then helped us all make beautiful gardens and a ‘magic’ cross plate to take home.

We also made delicious chocolate nests; the children stirred the chocolate into rice crispies and made their eggs by mixing food colouring with icing.

And we’ve finally started our planting in the garden too – potatoes! Hopefully all the potatoes which have gone home have started to sprout too? Who will dig up the most in the autumn?!

We wish you all a very Happy Easter holiday – our first day back is Thursday 25th April when our Sound of the Week will be “n” and our theme will be…..Spring!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

Guess what we’ve been doing this week at Ladybirds…….?!

But of course we’ve been busy with other activities too, including an impromtu trip to the park ……

a birthday celebration….

some ‘favourite story’ reading……

and some surprise visitors………adorable!

The children really enjoyed being outside in the garden this week and today we had our first alfresco story of the year

And, of course, we had to fit in some very complicated Princess puzzles, thank you Kate!

We wish all our Ladybird “Mothers” a very happy day on Sunday. Next week our theme is…….

Healthy Eating week

We started our Healthy Eating week by making delicious smoothies with milk, bananas and a small handful of frozen fruit – the children loved blitzing them up in the blender

We talked about vegetables, what we could make with them – and what we could print with them!

Then on Thursday, Tricia made fabulous fruit kebabs with the children for snack; they identified the watermelon, ‘green melon’, strawberries, plums, mango, banana – and even kiwi!

Today Tarnya helped the children build some imaginative structures using spaghetti and marshmallows – the children said they were making “towers” and “castles”, and described the marshmallow was being soft and squidgy.

Our letter of the week was “p”; at registration we talked about penguins, PJ masks and Peppa Pig

And our roleplay area was popular this week with our greengrocer shop and Goodness Gang…..

In our builders tray we had soil and seeds, and the children had fun practising their potting skills for next week when we will be planting flowers and potatoes. Next week’s theme is……Mother’s Day! Have a nice weekend

Cooking, shops and hairdressers!

This week we have enjoyed playing with our shop in home corner and creating amazing hairstyles on dolls – and Donna!

We’ve also been making food for the birds; we spread peanut butter on tubes and rolled, sprinkled and “squished” birdseeds on them to hang in our trees and on bushes.


Lots of other activities too including pasta threading, creating a ball run with gutters and impromptu car building!


Next weeks sound of the week is “p”, and our theme is Healthy Eating. Have a nice weekend.


Flippin’ Pancake Day……..

…..and World Book Day too in the same week!

We’ve flipped real and pretend pancakes, and read favourite books in our costumes; princesses, witches, Little Red Riding Hood, Harry Potter, Superheroes, Elsa and even Dragons!

And there was plenty of time to build a traintrack (of course), make dinner, build sandcastles (and sand dinner…!) and play games.

Thank you for sending in lots of items beginning with “t” (we’ve had trains, tractors, Tricia and Tarnya!) – next week our sound of the week is “i” – please note this is different to the letter sound on the newsletter. And our theme next week will be cooking and food – not only for people……! Have a nice weekend.

Minibeasts at Ladybirds!

This week we’ve been writing, learning and singing about minibeasts

and some of the children remembered the ‘a….a….ants on your arm’ song, which tied in nicely with our sound of the week!


a for ambulance

As well as making houses for their minibeasts, the children threaded spiders webs and used worksheets to practice number and letter recognition.

At our Open Morning, it was lovely to meet some new friends and look forward to seeing them soon. Don’t forget, on Tuesday mornings, we have Little Ladybirds, our toddler group. Feel free to drop in with your child for games, craft and to meet other families.

Next week, our Sound of the Week is “t” – please send your child in with something that begins with this letter to talk about. And as it’s Shrove Tuesday, we’ll be doing lots about pancakes too!!


Happy Half-term!

Well, it’s half-term already and what a lot we’ve done so far! Our themes of Winter, Water & Ice, Gruffalo’s Child, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day have provoked discussions and created masterpieces!

We’ve done lots of “writing”, cutting out and colouring – we have some very talented artists:

But we think the best ‘learning’ comes when the children create things themselves, or make up games together:

We hope you have a great half-term break – see you back on 25th February when our sound of the week will be “a” ( please send your child in with something beginning with this sound) and our theme will be……..mini-beasts!