Cooking, shops and hairdressers!

This week we have enjoyed playing with our shop in home corner and creating amazing hairstyles on dolls – and Donna!

We’ve also been making food for the birds; we spread peanut butter on tubes and rolled, sprinkled and “squished” birdseeds on them to hang in our trees and on bushes.


Lots of other activities too including pasta threading, creating a ball run with gutters and impromptu car building!


Next weeks sound of the week is “p”, and our theme is Healthy Eating. Have a nice weekend.


Minibeasts at Ladybirds!

This week we’ve been writing, learning and singing about minibeasts

and some of the children remembered the ‘a….a….ants on your arm’ song, which tied in nicely with our sound of the week!


a for ambulance

As well as making houses for their minibeasts, the children threaded spiders webs and used worksheets to practice number and letter recognition.

At our Open Morning, it was lovely to meet some new friends and look forward to seeing them soon. Don’t forget, on Tuesday mornings, we have Little Ladybirds, our toddler group. Feel free to drop in with your child for games, craft and to meet other families.

Next week, our Sound of the Week is “t” – please send your child in with something that begins with this letter to talk about. And as it’s Shrove Tuesday, we’ll be doing lots about pancakes too!!


Another busy week at Ladybirds


Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday

Our ‘letter of the week’ this week was M and the children brought in lots of things  beginning with M. They showed their Mermaid, Marble, Motorbike and lots of Monkeys!  We made Valentines cards and talked about who the children loved – ‘Mummy’ was very popular!  And we made pancakes (real and craft) and decorated delicious pop cakes – a very busy week.

Enjoy the half term Ladybirds and see you on the 23rd February.