Home Learning – week seven

Hello Ladybirds. Hope you’ve had another lovely week – it looks like you have from your photos. Firstly, a couple more from the VE Day celebrations

You will have seen on the news that some schools will be re-opening from 1st June and we have sent out a questionnaire to all families to find out what your thoughts are. Can you please return them as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. Thank you.

The maths challenge has begun – so far the most items in the box is 39 (with a little help from his sister!). The most filled independently is 17 by a little boy who knew that if he used smaller toys, he’d get more in. The most items collected so far in the box filled by a “Big” Ladybird is 85!! She filled it with a bag of pennies and counted them herself.

It doesn’t have to be full though – one little girl made it into a perfect home for her unicorns!

We’re very impressed by your gardening skills…….

……..and your home learning continues, covering all areas of the curriculum: Maths and Literacy…..

……Expressive Art and Design……..

………Physical Development

…….Personal, Social and Emotional…….

…….and Understanding of the World!

We’ve been really impressed at how resourceful our Ladybirds families are – home delivery ice cream anyone?!

Here are the answers to last weeks picture quiz, from top left:

Tractor Ted, Peter Rabbit, Elsa, Bing, Peppa Pig, Go Jetters, Queen Anna, Noddy, Paddington, Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat’s van, Octonaughts, Copycats, Sarah and Duck, Hey Duggee, Waffle the Wonder Dog, Buster the crab, Dangermouse, Upsy Daisy and the Teletubbies

Our families would like to create a Ladybirds Snake along the Village Hall wall, similar to this one in Oxford, so please decorate a stone and place it along the wall. Let’s see how long it gets!

Keep safe and well everyone.