Home Learning – week six – VE Day

Hello Ladybirds. This week you have sent in photos of how you spent VE Day; picnics, visiting memorials and gathering in your villages to listen to the history of the day.

You’ve also been cooking – inside and out………

……..and even helped wash up afterwards!

You’ve been at home for over 6 weeks now and we can see you’re still learning loads. Activities have included science experiments with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda (explosive!), colouring, phonics and reading, making ice flower eggs, playing on the trampoline, building dinosaur parks, gardening, camping and cooking in the garden, building and flying planes inspired by the red arrows. Phew!

And, having time in your gardens, you might have noticed more wildlife around? One little boy found a blue tit nest in his garden

Emma and Zoe have been busy in the Ladybird’s garden and found lots of wildlife too!

On-line quizzes are very popular at the moment and we thought we’d make one for the children: see how many television characters they can recognise from the sections of 20 pictures below. Answers next week!

We’ve also decided to set the children a challenge. Over the next week, we will drop off some mini boxes of cereal for the children to eat. Not too difficult so far! Then they have to see how many items they can fit inside the cereal box – it’s all about problem solving. And then they have to count them….so it’s ok to fill the box with pudding rice (as one clever child/parent did before!) as long as they can count them all! The winner will be announced when we’re back, or on the parents Whatsapp group, in a few weeks.

If anyone would like more worksheets, colouring pages etc, please email your child’s key person or message the Whatsapp group. Keep safe and well.