Home Learning – week five

We’ve certainly had a variety of weather in these strange times haven’t we? A very hot April, ending with some frosty mornings! The plants are not sure what to do (please keep us know how yours are doing) but it hasn’t stopped the children enjoying their gardens and being outside rain or shine

We can see how much you love your wildlife; making bird feeders, bird baths and gently examining the minibeasts small…..

…..and big!

Your activities have continued inside too, reading books about healthy eating and school, making salt dough handprint gifts for grandparents, cooking, celebrating birthdays – and fishing in your living rooms!

This week’s recipe: Banana milk shake. Chop up the banana and put it in a blender. Scoop in some ice cream and pour in some milk. Put the lid on! Switch the blender on until the milk shake is smooth. Pour it into a cup or bottle and enjoy!

And look at these flower fairy wings – beautiful

It’s so nice to see so many of the children and their siblings, including our newest Ladybird who is being very well looked after by his big brother

This time at home has given you all the chance to perfect your cycling skills, with one little boy cycling 6.6 miles and ending up at Ladybirds – wow!

Well done for clapping, whooping, cheering and banging saucepans for all the people who are taking care of us

Emma and Zoe have been busy in our garden – you’ll notice some big changes when we come back……

We are planning to have a Dough-Disco Zoom session, please message the parent Whatsapp group if you’d like to join in. If you haven’t got any playdough, just let us know and some can be delivered to your doorstep!

Keep safe and well everyone