Home Learning – week four

It’s looks like we’ll be ‘learning from home’ for another few weeks at least – not that any of our Ladybirds seem to be complaining!

Your photos show how much you’re loving being outside but we can see that some inside learning is taking place too……

….and some home-made lunch too. These pizzas look delicious, one using wraps and the other with home-made naan dough “squish the flour and water to mix it” then rest for an hour, roll out a small amount and fry for 2-3 mins on each side!

Some of you have already started using your gardening packs (a lettuce plant, pepper seedling, seed potato or round courgette plant, plus a pumpkin, sunflower and cress seeds).

Others have been making habitats for little minibeasts. This little bug hotel was placed next to a spiders web so that it attracted lots of visitors – great idea!

These are strange times we’re living in, but so many of you have said how lucky we are to have gardens, this weather and our family to share it with.

Here are another couple of links we’ve recently been sent from Suffolk County Council:



However you’re spending this time, keep safe and well – and please keep sending your great photos for us to share with one another!