A brief catch-up of Ladybirds so far in 2020…..!

Well, we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and National Story Telling Week. We’ve weathered storm Dennis, started voting and freed creatures from the ice. We’ve looked at items beginning with our “sounds of the week” u, l, f, b and s and we’ve made penguin shapes, chinese lanterns and Three Little Pig puppets. We’ve played with sand, ice paints, noodles, bath bombs, glitter (don’t mention glitter) shaving foam, musical instruments and playdough. And that was just the first half of Spring Term!

Watch this space for photos of the children cooking pancakes………

We have so much more planned for the rest of the term including: story themes in the tuff trays, daffodils, chocolate playdough, cooking and chef hats, Mother’s Day secret things and Easter to name just a few. We will also be spending as much time as possible outside in our garden, and at Royston Wood with Emma. Phew! Please keep sending in your items for “sound of the week” – the children love to show them at registration. This week’s sound is “t”.