Healthy Eating week

We started our Healthy Eating week by making delicious smoothies with milk, bananas and a small handful of frozen fruit – the children loved blitzing them up in the blender

We talked about vegetables, what we could make with them – and what we could print with them!

Then on Thursday, Tricia made fabulous fruit kebabs with the children for snack; they identified the watermelon, ‘green melon’, strawberries, plums, mango, banana – and even kiwi!

Today Tarnya helped the children build some imaginative structures using spaghetti and marshmallows – the children said they were making “towers” and “castles”, and described the marshmallow was being soft and squidgy.

Our letter of the week was “p”; at registration we talked about penguins, PJ masks and Peppa Pig

And our roleplay area was popular this week with our greengrocer shop and Goodness Gang…..

In our builders tray we had soil and seeds, and the children had fun practising their potting skills for next week when we will be planting flowers and potatoes. Next week’s theme is……Mother’s Day! Have a nice weekend