February Fun at Ladybirds

It’s amazing the number of ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at Pre-school! Our heart activities included making multi-size heart pendants, using heart shaped (and other shaped) cutters at the playdough table, making heart biscuits – and plenty of physical activity – “good for your heart” one little girl said!

And our heart theme continued when Claire, a Nurse,  visited us during our People Who Help Us week. She brought in some stethoscopes and showed the children how to listen to their hearts and chatted about what we do when people are poorly. The children then had great fun bandaging either other, their toys – and us! Thank you Claire.

We had another visitor in February too – Amy the Dental Nurse brought in her giant toothbrush and teeth. With the help of the friendly dinosaur, she talked to the children  about how they looked after their teeth, which snacks were healthy and which should be saved to have as a treat.

World Book Day was celebrated in style, with children (and adults!) dressing up as book characters and bringing in their favourite stories.

Some of the book characters could really fly……….!

Our People Who Help us theme continued with the children making up their own games in our small world and role play areas, where we saw lots of imagination and collaboration.

Independent colour sorting in the garden….


….and a work of art being created for the wall – coming soon!


March’s themes will include Pets and Vets, Mother’s Day and Easter – watch out for news of our Easter Egg hunt in the woods