Not so gloomy January……

Apologies for a belated blog about January – it’s been busy! We discussed the Winter weather, explored ice, talked about Penguins (and discovered we all love them very much!), celebrated Chinese New Year and started our big theme of stories, books and nursery rhymes. A few highlights:

Freeing the creatures, trapped in the iceJpeg

Hunting for ice in the garden – we didn’t have to look too hard, as it was a very cold morning, but it was great fun feeling it, examining it and – best of all – jumping on it! We left some intact to see what would happen to it too.

Amazing ice sculpture – the “Ice Monster”

We all went a bit penguin crazy!

We celebrated Chinese New Year with rice noodles, chopsticks, Chinese writing and amazing Chinese Dragon Heads:

Our phonic sounds and literacy continued with the letters r m d and g, with children bringing in items from home to show us. During registration we see how many things the children can name which begin with the sounds – and the list gets longer each week!

Listening to the children playing inside and out, we hear so much creative, imaginative play: blocks become boats and bridges, children take turns being the “captain” and the ice became food for the dragons “because it puts their fire out”

And we always have activities which strengthen fingers and support fine motor skills:

We finished January with our theme of The Three Little Pigs. The children loved making the pigs’ houses of straw, twigs and bricks with Donna, and the wooden spoon puppets with Amy. They built their own houses out of giant boxes and re-enacted the story in the role play and small world areas and our story corner.

Hope you have a lovely half term and see you all the week beginning 20th February