It’s the final countdown…

Well, what a term we’ve had….and it’s not over yet !

Last Sunday’s Summer Ball was one of the highlights of our term, with lots of fairies, princesses, pirates, robin hoods and generally smart young people enjoying themselves at our first “Ball”. The hall had been transformed with giant butterflies and ladybirds (which the children had made themselves with the help of Amy) as well as “a hundred and twenty seven thousand” metres of bunting – as one of our children pointed out! There was face painting with Donna, a lucky dip, fishing, and the most magical shadow puppet show which kept the children entranced. The mocktails and canapes were delicious and it was a perfect way to spend time with friends who were moving up to, or finishing their first year at, “Big School”. Thank you to our hard-working Committee, parents and grandparents who helped give the children such a lovely afternoon.

Other activities this week have included vehicles, construction and recycling, where we sorted metal, glass, plastic and cardboard into different boxes “you have to be careful with glass” one child warned us. Hopefully the little trains made from toilet roll holders have dried out by now!

We had two special visitors: Mrs Day and Mrs Mayle from Nayland Primary School came to spend time with our school leavers.

We’ve been talking a lot about our local Primary Schools this term and helping to prepare the children who are moving up – they are looking forward to it and talk about the transition with confidence. We always encourage lots of writing…….

……..wherever it happens!

And you should be receiving something through your letterbox over the next few days….

Some important final notes:

We are having a Leavers Party Lunch on our last day of term, Thursday 21st July, so no need for packed lunches.   

The children have been learning a song over the past few weeks and would like to show you how clever they are! You are very welcome to come back at 2.30pm on Thursday to see/hear it.

Learning Journeys will be sent home during the 6 week break with a ‘Holiday Summary’ – please feel free to complete it with achievements or activities that your child has done – we encourage bragging!

All staff wish our families a very happy, safe holiday and look forward to seeing you back on Monday 5th September.