Summer Term already!

Our first few weeks of the Summer Term have been predominantly dinosaur related. The children made dinosaur eggs using gluten-free flour, coffee grounds, (they smelt lovely!) sand and water, and enclosed a tiny dinosaur within.

After a couple of days drying, Donna hid them in the garden. The children had to find a bone with their name on, next to which was their egg. Then the best fun of all – smashing the eggs open with a hammer to “release” their dinosaur………..

…..and they got everywhere!

We’ve started our garden spring re-vamp too, with primroses, wildflower seeds and potatoes being planted……

….and, of course our lovely new mud pie kitchen is very popular – thank you Richard Appleby!

“Dinner for everyone!”

Indoors we’ve been busy too with Amy’s volcano, treasure chest and “h for hiding” game. We’ve also played board games, made cress numbers and, of course, more dinosaur making – they’re not extinct at all at Ladybirds!

The children (and Sam!) built the most ENORMOUS tower we’ve ever seen!

On Monday, as part of our new Heath and Self Care theme, we had a special visit from Sue the Dental Nurse who told us all about the importance of keeping our teeth clean and not eating sugary snacks – the children had great fun being the dentist, nurse and patient!

Please keep sending in your items for letter of the week – so far this term, items have included “c” for clocks, cups, cows, cars, “e” for elephants, eggs and “h” for hens, hats, and horns!

It’s been a lovely start to the Term – bring on the sunshine!