Happy Easter Ladybirds

The last few weeks of Spring Term flew past with child-led construction activities featuring highly – cardboard boxes were hammered, sawed and re-built using glue, screws, nuts and bolts into houses, garages and car parks.

Other construction materials were also used (lego, train tracks fitted together, duplo etc) as the children used their imaginations to recreate familiar events.

Architects at work!

We are now focusing on “sounds” of the week, progressing through the letters phonetically. Over the past couple of weeks the children have brought in items starting with the sounds “t” (thomas the tank engine, trains – even a tongue!), “i” (igloo) and “p” (pinecones, policecar – and Amy’s fantastic pirate treasure chest).

After Easter, our sounds of the week will be:n and c k.

A few more photos of our busy term!

For the last week, we focused on Easter with cards, chocolate easter nest making, planting spring flowers in decorated pots and, very importantly, painting the giant eggs needed for our Egg Hunt in Royston Woods.

On Friday afternoon, Donna read out a message from the Easter Bunny then we all walked to the woods but – we’d been tricked! After a hunt in the woods (and freeing the dinosaurs!) it turned out that the eggs were back at the hall after all!

Thank you to all parents, grandparents and teenage helpers who made it possible for us to visit the woods. After (finally!) handing out the eggs, we said goodbye to Elizabeth who is moving away, we will miss her.

We return to Ladybirds on Monday 11th April. Happy Easter holidays everyone.