‘W’ is for…

Weather pictures, weather chart, wand, witch, weight and watch!

Just some of the items we’ve made or shown for our Letter of the Week!

And we were able to almost point to every picture on the weather chart we made this week, as we’ve had fog, cloud, rain, wind and some sunshine – the only one we couldn’t use was snow!

“It’s nearly as big as me”

What an amazing rocket model, thank you for bringing it in to show us

Our themes got mixed this week too, as some children wanted to make a ‘space’ chart, so Donna adapted them – some great follow on work.

Physical activities this week included the always popular big cars, parachute games, balls and activity songs – just what we needed to keep warm these frosty mornings.

And our home corner was transformed into a shop – some very expensive fruit and vegetables were on sale though – one pear cost £50!

Next week our letter of the week is ‘x’ and, as it’s such a tricky letter to find objects for, we’ll be looking at things which end in ‘x’ as well.

Hiding from Lady Sam….