Robot Week….

We went a bit robot crazy this week, with giant boxes painted silver and small models made from egg boxes – it was great fun….hopefully they’ve dried out by now!

Our letter of the week was “v”, not an easy letter to find objects for the children to talk about, but we had some brilliant ones: vanilla, a story about a man and his violin, vegetables, and a volkswagon!

“v” for volcano!

Thanks to one little boy, we had a lesson in putting on coats – a very useful skill for young children and one we will be using a lot in this cold weather no doubt….

…….and we’ve been experimenting with different mark making activities……

…it’s not always bad to think”inside” the box!

It may have been cold but we kept busy inside with our space theme, although some astronauts needed to rest in the spaceship after they’d been to the Moon..


 and the music, movement and parachute activities with Sam and Erica kept everyone warm.

Out themes for the next two weeks are seasons and weather. The children have chosen a season to bring in pictures about – please look in their red bags. They could be anything to do with the weather, festival, clothing, food etc, relating to the season. We will be making a wall display over the next few weeks using their pictures/photos/holiday brochures.

Our letter for next week is “w”.