Blustery but entertaining…

Strong winds didn’t stop the fun at Ladybirds this Autumn – we just put up a wind chime and put on our coats! Mud pictures proved very popular in the garden…

and we brought the outside in too, examining  mini-beasts in great detail!

Letters of the week ranged from o to q…..can you work them out?

We had a very special visitor, Sue, who came in to show us how to make beautiful “sugar apples”.  The children rolled the sugar paste , then painted it with food colouring powder, finishing with a clove “stalk”. They were very delicate and the children carefully rolled, pressed and painted, using fine motor skills.

Our child-led activities were equally creative, with fantastic buildings being made out of lego….

musical queues formed…..

and an impromptu “car customising” business established!

Finally, the week’s theme having been “Nursery Rhymes and Familiar Stories”, the children treated us to their own version of The Three Little Pigs! It was very entertaining – we certainly have some budding actors in our setting!

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