What a way to end the term!

The last few weeks have been hectic but great fun, culminating in our trip to Mersea on Friday and our party lunch on the last day.



Erica and Stella enjoying themselves....!
Erica and Stella enjoying themselves….!


We bid a fond farewell to our leavers moving up to “Big School” – they will certainly be missed. We also said goodbye and thank you to Richard and Jilly, who have really been popular with the children – we hope they’ll visit when they can. And of course a big thank you to Kayleigh who will be returning to “Big Big School” in September, but we know she’ll be back!



It’s hard to believe how much we have done in the last few weeks: We’ve been talking about people who help us, holidays and travel amongst other things. We’ve made the most of the beautiful weather, spending much of our time in the garden digging, blowing bubbles, waterplay – and more digging! Let’s hope the weather continues during the holidays……





Our first day back is Monday 7th September (Letter of the week will be G) and we look forward to seeing the children’s scrapbooks, and hearing about their adventures!

We hope you all have a wonderful Summer.