Sharing, caring……..and a much easier “Letter of the Week”!

This week our focus has been on the letter “B” and we’ve had a huge range of items brought in including Books on Bugs, Balls, Binoculars, Builders’ puzzles, Bears, Bags and (Best of all?!) Beautiful Bouncing Baby Benjamin! Thanks to Mrs Day for visiting and teaching us the phonic action for B.


Our theme this week has been based on the story “Sharing a Shell” and inspired masks, colouring pictures and beautiful sea creature collages – there is a great moral to the story too about sharing (which the Ladybirds are already pretty good at!)


  Great sharing boys!  Great sharing boys!

Our maths topic has been “Spot the Difference” with some worksheets which were really quite challenging…..for the adults – the children managed much more easily. Time for spectacles, ladies?!

Most of our activities are “child-led”, with their imagination providing us with ideas for future planning. 

“The Empire State Building, it’s in New York”

The boys needed a garden/grass for their game so they coloured some paper green – very innovative!

See you all on Monday