Happy Father’s Day!

The Ladybirds were very busy preparing for an important day on Sunday – hope they managed to keep the cards and gifts secret! Thanks to Donna and the children, our Dads should be proud owners of lovely ladybird paperweights and gingerbread biscuits.    

We’ve been talking about textures this week and have had some terrific descriptive words and sentences from the children when they felt the objects, including “squidgy”, “crumply”, “spikey”, “orangey” “scratchy”and “soft and fluffy – like a cat”.


And our thanks to Amy for coming in to read the Friday story – the children were “super-sitters” and listened intently.

Happy Father’s Day – hope everyone has a lovely day!

Lining up the cars, ready for the race!

"going "to the seaside"
“Going “to the seaside”


         Lining up the cars, ready for the race!