We did say we might get muddy……..!!

Our fortnight of “Growing and Planting” culminated in a trip to Hollow Trees Farm where we spent a fantastic day planting seeds and beans, pulling up weeds, feeding the animals and, best of all, a trip on Jenny the Tractor!


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We talked about where our food came from before planting seeds for the butterflies and bees, then walking around the farm to see the chickens, geese, goats, cows and pigs. Even the downpour didn’t dampen our spirits – we were soon off to the playground, climbing, sliding and balancing. A big thank you to Sally and team for yet another brilliant day at your farm.

Leading up to our our trip we’d been busy in the Ladybirds garden too, planting peas, lettuce, potato, carrots, tomatoes, sunflowers and beans: “magic beans” one little boy said “will it grow as big as a beanstalk?” and a little girl thought that at the top will be “a castle and a giant”.

They obviously remembered when Donna read the Jack and the Beanstalk story! Jpeg

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Our letter of the week was “u” and, although a tricky letter, the children brought in umbrellas, unicorns and Upsy Daisys!

Jpeg Jpeg

We always encourage co-operative play and the children take turns with puzzles and board games – the “Tummy Ache” game was a favourite this week.

Jpeg     JpegJpeg

Thank you to Kate and Amy who came in to help this week, and to all the parents who joined us on our trip to the farm. Next week our theme is Healthy Eating, and the letter of the week will be “w”.

Let’s hope we have some more sunny weather so we can continue to enjoy the garden!

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