Cakes sell like… cakes!

Despite the gloomy weather, the delicious cakes made by parents, grandparents and friends of Ladybirds sold out by 11.30am at our Cake Stall in Sudbury and we made a fantastic £170! A big thank you to all who supported us.

November started off with a bang (sorry!) as we talked about Bonfire Night and we had wonderful, descriptive conversations with the children involving the colour and sound of the fireworks. We made bird feeders and bird balls, poppies and night sky pictures. Finally, we ended November with a Jack and the Beanstalk theme, with the children making “growing” beanstalks, delicious Jack and Giant cookies,  and their own silhouette Giant pictures. Today, the children treated us to a fantastic puppet show of the story, which really showed their understanding and imagination. Three guesses what our activities next month will revolve around…….?! Safe to say, there will be an abundance of glitter, tinsel and glue – can’t wait!