This Week at Ladybirds – 26th June

This week at Ladybirds our book theme is The Rainbow Fish.

Readiness for School Activities
Ordering pictures of a familiar story and retelling the story to others.

Rainbow Fish sequencing and acting.

Builders Tray/Malleable Area
Playdough rainbow fish using flat stones, lentils as scales on Rainbow Fish playdough mats.

Maths Area
Sequencing: Story sequence cards and lifecycle puzzles.

A trip to the farm….and healthy eating

The local elections meant that Ladybirds had to vacate the hall so we put on our sturdy shoesand headed for Hollow Trees Farm! What a great day we had feeding the animals, eating our picnic in the marquee and having a ride on Jenny the tractor. Finally we ended the day at Pogul’s Pit climbing on, sliding down and crawling through the play equipment. Sorry – no photos – we were too busy enjoying the day! Thank you to Hollow Trees for a fantastic day as always – and we loved being one of the first groups to use the new marquee.

Our trip to Hollow Trees started off our themes of Growing, Planting and Healthy Eating; we’ve looked at different sized seeds (cress, acorns and sunflowers), made real fruit kebabs and stuck pictures of fruit in Handa’s basket. We’ve planted herbs in our raised bed which has evolved from a dinosaur land to little people garden – Smurfs to be exact! And it’s also home to some bumble bees who have made their way in through the back – we don’t mind sharing the raised bed, the children enjoyed watching them make their way in and out (we talked about being careful) and we know they won’t be there for long.

This is the last term some of our children will be with us as they are moving up to school in September. They have been working hard with fine motor skill activities, to strengthen their finger muscles, and looking at letters to support upper/lower case correspondence.

With the beautiful weather, you can imagine we’ve wanted to be outside a lot, so we’ve moved our craft and snack areas there – water play features highly!

We still enjoy indoor activities too – and the hall can be a cool oasis when the weather is as hot as it has been recently.

Please remember to put sun cream on your child before they come to Ladybirds – we don’t want to have to delay getting outside straight away, they are so keen! Suncream is reapplied throughout the day as necessary of course.

And a reminder – our seaside trip is booked for 21st July, our last day of term.



This week at Ladybirds – 19th June

This week at Ladybirds our book theme is Tiddler.

Readiness for School Activities
Children to make a range of shakers using various resources and use these to play a range of listening games together.

Yes/No Game

Malleable Area
Under the sea habitats

Maths Area
Opposites: Opposite Cards/Puzzles

This Week at Ladybirds – 12 June

This week at Ladybirds our theme is Father’s Day.

Readiness for School Activities
‘All about me’ and ‘All about my Dad’ booklet to encourage children to share information with their friends confidently during group discussions.

Malleable Area
Gelli-Baff Cleaning Station (give Dad a dip).

Maths Area
Patterns/fine motor skills: Pegs & boards

This Week at Ladybirds – 22nd May

This week at Ladybirds our theme is Healthy Eating.

Readiness for School Activities
Based on Handa’s Surprise
Counting a range of objects (seeds, fruits etc).
Grouping fruit and vegetables in a number of ways, co-operation as a team member.

Malleable Area
Playdough with laminated place settings

Maths Area
Threading: Cotton reels and cards


This Week at Ladybirds – 15th May

This week our theme is Growing and Planting.

There is no ‘Letter of the week’ – for the rest of the summer term we shall be doing weekly School Readiness activities for our Leavers

School Readiness Activities
Letter matching activities to support upper and lower case correspondence.

Malleable Area
Cress letters/ numbers

Maths Area
Textures: Texture puzzles on maths table
Texture box in garden



Ladybirds in April – short but sweet…

It hardly seems 5 minutes since we went back after Easter! We’ve been celebrating Spring and making the most of the sunny (although sometimes chilly) weather.

Lots of obstacle courses, digging (sand and earth), washing the outdoor toys and playing popular circle games like Duck Duck Goose took place in our garden. The children took themselves off on ‘Bear Hunts’ and made dinner for us in the Mud Pie Kitchen. Inside the hall, we had some lovely play in the role play and small world areas, and children took turns playing with board games.

Our junk modelling and free craft produced some very imaginative creations – sorry if some were a bit wet (or didn’t fit in the car!)

Thank you to those who have already brought back their Easter Egg tubes and coins. We will be creating our Ladybird Trail in the garden this term so please remember to return them – thank you.

Our May themes will include Farms, Growing and Planting and Healthy Eating, beginning with a trip to Hollow Trees Farm at 10am on Thursday 4th May – we can’t wait!

Happy Easter

We hope all our Ladybirds and their families have had a fantastic break – we certainly enjoyed preparing for Easter with all the craft, games and ending in an Egg Hunt in Royston Woods

We have made the most of the beautiful Spring weather with lots of outdoor learning…..

Spring cleaning……


(you’ve missed a bit….!)

And beginning to create our Dinosaur Garden


Our ever popular theme of Pets and Vets found us learning all about the pets we had (and some the children really wanted……!) and how to look after them. We hope you liked the hand made flower arrangements (lots of discussion about colour, shape, size, and some excellent fine motor skills too, using scissors and secateurs) and the personalised balloon “Mummies” – designed by Donna but personalised by the children.

 And, of course, lots of literacy, collaborating and problem solving took place as usual

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Ladybirds in the Summer Term, starting Thursday 20th April – please remember to bring back your Easter Egg tubes, with any spare change, for our Ladybird trail in the garden. Thank you.

February Fun at Ladybirds

It’s amazing the number of ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at Pre-school! Our heart activities included making multi-size heart pendants, using heart shaped (and other shaped) cutters at the playdough table, making heart biscuits – and plenty of physical activity – “good for your heart” one little girl said!

And our heart theme continued when Claire, a Nurse,  visited us during our People Who Help Us week. She brought in some stethoscopes and showed the children how to listen to their hearts and chatted about what we do when people are poorly. The children then had great fun bandaging either other, their toys – and us! Thank you Claire.

We had another visitor in February too – Amy the Dental Nurse brought in her giant toothbrush and teeth. With the help of the friendly dinosaur, she talked to the children  about how they looked after their teeth, which snacks were healthy and which should be saved to have as a treat.

World Book Day was celebrated in style, with children (and adults!) dressing up as book characters and bringing in their favourite stories.

Some of the book characters could really fly……….!

Our People Who Help us theme continued with the children making up their own games in our small world and role play areas, where we saw lots of imagination and collaboration.

Independent colour sorting in the garden….


….and a work of art being created for the wall – coming soon!


March’s themes will include Pets and Vets, Mother’s Day and Easter – watch out for news of our Easter Egg hunt in the woods